National Constitution

First Part

Chapter I: Declarations, Rights and Guarantees Chapter II: New Rights and Guarantees

Second Part: Authorities of the Nation

Title I : Federal Government

First Division: Legislative Power

Chapter I: The House of Deputies Chapter II: The Senate Chapter III: Provisions applicable to both Houses Chapter IV: Powers of Congress Chapter V: Making and enactment of laws Chapter VI: General Auditing Office of the Nation Chapter VII: The Ombudsman

Second Division: Executive Power

Chapter I: Its nature and duration Chapter II: Procedure and time of the election of President and Vice-President of the Nation Chapter III: Powers of the Executive Branch Chapter IV: The Chief of the Ministerial Cabinet and other Ministers of the Executive Power

Third Division: The Judicial Power

Chapter I: Its nature and duration Chapter II: Powers of the Judiciary

Fourth Division: The Public Ministry

Title II: Provincial Governments

Temporary Provisions

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